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Laser Whitening it Really Works

February 1 2016

After we find something new in our world we are sometimes sceptical about whether it works or is it a scam but after a laser teeth whitening treatment customers are amazed at the effectiveness and how little time it takes to perform and end up with great white looking teeth.

There is no shortage of whitening systems and methods on the market today but laser seems to be getting the most amount of press because of the positive reviews it receives and obviously such a visual change will spread the news via word of mouth through friends and family.

Amazing white teeth lets off a healthy appearance and inspires people you are confident and happy but having white teeth is only half the story as you need to ensure regular visits to the dentist are maintained.

Laser teeth whitening method is very simple and very effective so let us look at the system in more detail.

Firstly there is an look at the teeth to ensure the gums and teeth are healthy and no obvious cavities are evident. Also looking at the gums and checking for receding gums to ensure they are protected during the treatment.

Secondly the cheek retractors are inserted which separate the teeth from the lips and keep everything nice and still for the duration of the treatment.

Thirdly the gums are protected using a dam. This is painted to the edge of the teeth and then is cured using a UV lamp which hardens the gel which protects the gums from the whitening gel.

Fourth the whitening gel is painted on to the surface of the teeth which can be safely assessed and once complete the laser lamp is switched on. Depending on the strength of the gel and the lamp the gel is removed and then reapplied several times until finished – normally takes 3-45 minutes.

Once the duration of the treatment is completed the gum dam is removed and the cheek retractors are also removed. A quick drink of water and the results are immediate and visible straight away.

Taking such little time is one of the reasons the laser method is popular as you walk in the clinic with stained yellowish teeth and walk out an hour or so later on with teeth that are somewhere between 6-12 shades lighter in colour.

Laser teeth method is not limited to age or types of teeth as the treatment will work on everyone but obviously works better with teeth that are residing more stains and have the potential to work better than someone who has very white teeth and expect miracles!

The only downside which is not unique to the laser method is sensitivity as this can be achieved through most methods of whitening the teeth but because the laser is heating the gel this can speed the sensitivity compared to slower whitening systems like the bleaching trays or strips.

So hopefully this article has helped you understand the process a little more and whatever route you choose good luck with how it works for you!

Have some fun reading and learning about Whiter Teeth Laser or see Reading Teeth white
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